How To Make Your Own (Tailgate Ready) Sprinkle Blends

Football season is finally here again! If you’re attending (or an alum) of a major university in the South you know what a big deal that is. Tailgating in the South is unlike anything else and is definitely something that should be experienced. The food alone is reason enough. It’s no secret that the South knows how to cook. If you’re attending a potluck tailgate, bringing the right dish can be very intimidating.
Since we all eat with our eyes first, try to go with something that makes a good presentation.(Bonus points if it screams school spirit!) If you’re staying in the dessert department, why not bake something good and top with your custom school spirit sprinkle blend?! These sprinkle blends are all the rage right now, and I am personally a huge fan. But what do you do if you can’t find the right UT burnt orange or A&M burgundy? All you need is some white sprinkles and some food coloring. It’s actually a lot easier than you think! Keep scrolling if you’d like to learn how to make your own custom sprinkle blends!
You will need:

 Place plain sprinkles in a bag, add some shimmer
(if you are keeping them white)
Set aside
 For dyed sprinkles, place white sprinkles in a plastic bag.
Then add a couple drops of food coloring and shimmer (if desired).
Close the bag and shake until the sprinkles are evenly coated.
 ^This is a burnt orange for University of Texas.^
I used orange and a touch of brown food coloring,
and gold luster dust.
(Let the sprinkles dry before proceeding)
 Combine with other fun sprinkles (the more variety the better!)
Keep your school colors in mind
Fill a clean spice bottle with your sprinkle blend.
Top all of your tailgate goodies with your sprinkles.
Everyone will be asking where you got your fancy sprinkles! 😉

 Here are some other regional team spirit inspirations:

 Texas Tech:

Texas A&M
(I wanted a more blended look, so I added pink but you can stick with white)

LSU: (I opted for a softer pastel version 🙂

 Happy sprinkle making!