4 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Recipe Collection

Remember when using the internet was a luxury, and waiting for that awful (modem startup) sound to end seemed like an eternity? Those days are long gone, and now wifi is pretty much available anywhere.
  Let’s be honest, this digital age has made our lives so much easier. We are able to find anything we could ever need by simply typing a few words into a search engine box. Learning new things and experiencing new places is made easier (and even possible) by the internet.
With that said, we have become much more instantaneous. The fact that you can instantly download the latest new thing, and have a new stand mixer delivered right to your doorstep in two days or less is incredible.
This does, however; make it harder to take time out write out your favorite recipes. With the ease of Pinterest and other related sites, a physical recipe box may seem tedious and outdated but there are so many reasons why you need one. Here’s just a few:


-You Will Become a Better Baker/Cook-

      By having a physical recipe collection, you will be naturally more motivated to add recipes. It becomes almost like a game. Trying to find newer and better recipes for your collection becomes a priority. You will also be more motivated to use more of the recipes you already have. And you won’t have to spend 30 minutes finding that one recipe that you might have seen somewhere on the internet. The more recipes you have, the more you will practice. The more practice you get, the better cook/baker you become.

– You Will Have an Advantage-

         You’ve probably seen those women who guard their recipes like they are top secret CIA information. There’s something that happens when you perfect a recipe. It feels you have solved all the world’s problems. Not really, but it does make you feel like you have something really special. If you create a recipe collection, you can tweak recipes to your heart’s desire. With time, you will have a large stack of recipes that you feel very strongly about. This will give you an advantage over other home cooks, who are merely following recipes that they come across.

-You Will Have Something Tangible-

      Tangible things are seemingly losing their place in this world. This personally saddens me. Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer feeling the soft fabrics of a garment, and the crisp pages a book or magazine. (I may be the only Millennial who thinks this way). There is something that gets lost in the digital form. It can’t capture the smell of the soufflé that permeates from an index card that has been used over a hundred times. As a former marketing major, I know that brands work intensively to intrigue your senses. Until they invent certain things like smelli-vision, they have no way of competing. They just cannot replicate the tattered paper and homey smell of cherished recipe cards.

-You Will Create a Family Keepsake-

      When my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago, the first thing of her’s I wanted access to was her recipe collection. Not only do I find it fascinating to see the difference in past techniques and food trends, but also I wanted to carry on her legacy. A lot of her recipes came from her mother and grandmother. Now, I am able to pass those down to further generations.
       It’s no secret that family recipes tend to be very sacred. It is not just the recipe that is so sentimental, but more the person who created it. It allows us to connect without relatives, friends, and even ancestors in a way that is so much deeper than food. I loved seeing my grandmother’s handwriting, and random food stains that made their way on the card. It makes me feel like part of her is still there and lives on through those recipes.
I am not in any way implying that you should get rid of your Pinterest boards or recipe apps. I’m just saying that you should consider having a recipe box in addition to your digital apps. It will create a strong personal connection with you and your baking/cooking and will challenge you constantly evolve and improve.