Cookies n’ Cream Pudding Mix Cookies

Are you sitting down? If not, you might want to, because I have the most earth shattering secret to achieve soft and chewy cookies. Okay, so it is not the most shocking thing in the world, but it may certainly change the way you bake in the future. The secret to getting foolproof soft and chewy cookies: pudding mix. I realize I have already featured SEVERAL recipes on the blog that require pudding mix. There is nothing new about this, but the fact that it can instantly take a cookie from blah to BAM is pretty impressive. The Oreo pudding mix is quite the compliment to the standard chocolate chip cookie. It adds such a unique creaminess and softness, that is otherwise nonexistent.
I particularly fond of this pudding mix. There are endless possibilities, as what you can make with this mix. I honestly have not tried it its pudding form, but I assume it is pretty amazing. When I first came across this mix, I began to ponder all of the yummy sweet treats I could make with it. Am I the only one who gets really excited about new flavors of pudding mix? I can’t be, can I? Anyway, when I came across this recipe, I knew it was the one. I could not wait to bake these up and taste them. I was so impressed, I had to make multiple batches.
Even if you are not a fan of chocolate chip cookies or chewy cookies, do not let the description dissuade you. They are some of the most amazing cookies you will ever put in your mouth. Seriously. Just trust me.
Now, these cookies would be amazing without any additions, but that is just not the way I do things. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are added to the dough, along with a chopped up Cookies n’ Cream candy bar. If that isn’t already enough things to mix in, I decided to add some additional Oreo flavor, by chopping up several mini Oreo cookies and adding them to the dough. You can dye the dough with food coloring like I did (for Halloween). You can even package them up and give away to friends. They will definitely be the best treat they will receive all day. If you do that, I guarantee someone will beg you for the recipe. I hope you have fun making these “not your average” chocolate chip cookies. Don’t forget to save some for yourself!
Recipe adapted from: The Wooden Spoon Diaries
You will need:

 Preheat oven to 375 degrees, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
 Cream butter in a large bowl, mix in granulated and brown sugar.
 Add in the pudding mix.
 Mix in eggs and vanilla extract.
 In a separate bowl combine: flour, salt, and baking soda.
Gradually add dry mix to the wet ingredients.
  Stir in chocolate chips, Cookies n’ Cream pieces, Oreos cookie pieces,
and orange food coloring (if desired).
 Use a small scooper to make medium-sized cookie dough balls,
and place on baking sheet.
 Bake for (Be careful not to overbake) 8-10 minutes.
Allow to slightly cool on sheet before serving.